Weird story: When I was a kid we decided to tear down my grandparents’ house. (By hand ‘cause my dad doesn’t spend money on shit) Anyway, my grandparents’ owned an old farm house in the country on about a seven acre lot and since my grandfather had died back in ‘78 no one had lived there, needless to say the place was decrepit. well that suited me just fine. I was eight years old and thought, what better place to play than in a spooky old house? my little sister and I would play in the upstairs which had been my aunt’s bedroom. we’d drag around the old furniture and play house. There were old toys of my dad’s and of all of his siblings still lying around, toys from when my aunts had been little girls in the 40s and my dad in the 50s, the cabinets were still full of the things my grandparents had left there, little statues and mantel ornaments covered in dust. There was also an ancient Victorian upright that I liked. the wires had all rusted and snapped and someone had stolen the ivory off the keys ages ago but it was beautifully carved. Anyway, when we cracked open the top, my dad reached down inside and pulled out a wooden board with a message on it: This is my piano, touch it and i will shoot you. It was a strange thing to find inside of a piano and we all chuckled darkly. We still joke about it and truth be told it was probably written by either my grandfather or my aunt. both are dead so we can’t ask them but who knows. It seemed like their kind of thing. Heck, maybe one of them wrote it with the other in mind, or maybe they were thinking of someone else. We’ll never know but my dad said it looked like his sister’s handwriting. Either way, better not touch that Piano!

Wow, I used to watch Mork and Mindy as a kid with my dad and i think that’s how i remember Robin Williams the most. I know he had a lot of other really great movies too and I’ve enjoyed them just as much but in my mind he’s a rainbow suspendered alien who came to earth in an egg. I wish I could have thanked him for all the times he’s made me laugh.

"I’m sorry for all the lies I told you, I’m sorry for the things I didn’t say, more than anything else I’m sorry for my self. I can’t believe you went away. "

"I’m sorry if I took some things for granted. I’m sorry for the things i put on you. more than anything else I’m sorry for myself. Living without you."

     -I’m Sorry, John Denver

"And I wonder if you know that I never understood, that although you said you’d go, until you did, I never thought you would. Never thought you said just what you meant. Never knew how much I needed you, never thought you’d leave until you went."

"And I wonder if you know: That I never understood, that although you said you’d go, Until you did I never thought you would."

        -Empty Chairs, Don McLean